• IBI Group

    Mike works with IBI Group to helm the social media strategy and activation for the organization’s 511ny project.
  • Charlie's Club

    Mike is the Chief Content Officer for Charlie’s Club, the first members-only online e-cigarette and e-liquid subscription that features free hardware for all its members.
  • SimKap Advisory Corp.

    Mike is a partner at SimKap Advisory Corp., leading the company’s digital division.
  • Gilla Inc.

    Mike is the VP Digital at Gilla Inc., a publicly-listed company on the U.S. OTCQB (ticker: GLLA). The Company’s current products include e-cigarettes, vaporizers and related accessories.
  • scratch

    Mike was the senior content strategist for scratch, working on clients like Frigidaire, Electrolux, Varicent (now IBM) and WKD Vodka.
  • Brunico Communications Ltd.

    Mike was the West Coast Bureau Chief for KidScreen Magazine, servicing the informational needs and interests of kids entertainment professionals worldwide.


“If you make it idiot-proof, they’ll just build a better idiot.”
– My parents


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